Meatier NZ Meat2021-12-01T09:53:14+13:00

Meatier Meat, Means More Satisfying Pies

Big Ben takes product quality seriously. Which is why when you told us you weren’t happy, we listened. Now all Big Ben Steak pies are made with better quality New Zealand meat. That’s meat that’s been cleaned, diced nice and chunky and cooked to tender – melt in your mouth perfection. All that is then wrapped in Big Ben’s golden brown pastry.

So really, all you need to do now is figure out which pie flavour is going to satisfy that pesky pie craving.

Big Ben XXL Steak & Double Cheese Pie


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SURF’s Up, you’ve earned it.


The Meatier Questions

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What is meatier meat?2021-11-22T10:45:58+13:00

To improve the quality of Big Ben’s meat. We worked with our suppliers to source a different cut of meat, that had less meat quality issues. Then we cleaned and diced it. So now Big Ben steak pies have bigger chunkier pieces of steak.

What happened to the plain steak pies?2021-11-22T10:44:23+13:00

Kiwi’s love pies and over time they have told us which pies they love more than others. So to make sure we only make what our pie nation really wants. We have removed products that are no longer loved as much.

What meat did you buy before?2021-11-22T10:43:55+13:00

Big Ben has always bought NZ beef but now we’re buying cuts of meat that are better for making steak pieces.

Did you change the recipe?2021-11-22T10:43:25+13:00

No, we didn’t change the recipe. All our Big Ben pies still have the same great taste!

Is this a temporary change?2021-11-22T10:48:05+13:00

No this is not a temporary change. We take product quality seriously and are going to keep making meatier and more satisfying pies because it’s the right thing to do for kiwis who love this great nation.

Is Big Ben’s beef from New Zealand?2021-12-13T09:51:51+13:00

Yes!  Big Ben only sources it’s delicious beef from New Zealand.