4 Pack Pies

Classic Big Ben® not big enough? Take yourself on a pie world tour with Big Ben® XXL, with pie-oneering flavours from all four corners.

Butter Chicken 4 pack

What’s better than a delicious Big Ben® Butter Chicken? Four Big Ben® Butter Chickens. So well done, pie-oneer. With creamy Butter Chicken times four, you’re prepared for any adventure.

El Mexicano 4 pack

The El Mexicano. The pie on the frontiers of pastry. With chilli con carne and sour cream goodness times four, you’re now armed and ready, for whenever hunger comes to town.

Steak, Cheese & Bacon 4 pack

4 Big Ben® Steak, Cheese & Bacons. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. With chunky steak cheese and bacon times four, you can take on the taste frontier, four times.

Bacon & Egg 4 pack

Saddle up and get cooking, because with juicy smoked bacon, scrambled egg and quality ingredients, these Big Bens aren’t going to hang around for long.