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At Big Ben®, we’ve been wrapping things in pastry, then eating them for over 50 years. We love pies and all things wrapped in pastry. And because we love ’em, we’re never going to stop striving to make better, tastier, more satisfying products!

Kiwis are a nation of doer’s, whether it’s out on the field with their mates, in the backyard sorting the weekend admin, or out on an adventure in some of the best untouched paradise our country has to offer.

Which is why when the doing get’s done there are few foods that can satisfy that job well done feeling. Which is why Big Ben is here for you! With high quality, locally baked and delicious pies capable of stopping any pie craving dead in its tracks.

This is how Big Ben looked in 1971!

Quality you can trust and rely on everyday

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Big Ben pies are proudly baked right here in New Zealand and have been since 1969! We have baked all our pies with 100% pure, NZ beef and chicken. As natural tinker’s we like to try and make things a little better all the time. Which is why we’re stoked to say that we’ve taken our meat quality to a whole new level! Now all our steak pies are made with meatier meat.

So all you need to worry about is which flavour you’re going to nom to satisfy that noisy stomach of yours.

Big Ben pies are baked locally with NZ meat

Big Ben® Pie Finder

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Kiwis, we’re a nation of doers, whether it’s in the backyard doing life admin, or out in our extended backyard doing some crazy new adventure. When all that doing gets done, it can leave you with a mammoth size hunger that only a pie can satisfy.

Here at Big Ben® we know there is nothing more disappointing than getting to the pie warmer to find the flavour you’re craving isn’t available. Satisfy your craving first time with Big Ben® Pie Finder. Find Big Ben® products near you and avoid disappointment at the pie warmer.

Important Note: Results shown are based on recent ordering patterns for each store, it does not guarantee availability on shelf. We recommend contacting the store in advance to confirm current inventory.

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Like you, Big Ben loves New Zealand and that we are ever only minutes away from the beach or our next adventure. We love how clean, green, and unspoilt our piece of paradise really is.

Which is why Big Ben wants to make it easy for kiwis to enjoy Big Ben wherever they are and also do right, by helping keep NZ clean for today and our generations to come.

The Range

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Big Ben Classic Mince & Cheese ? Product Render
Big Ben Classic Mince & Cheese ? Product Render

When you’re roaming this great country of ours pie cravings can strike at any time. Enter the trusty Big Ben Classic pie and sausage roll range. This is your go-to, on-the-go hunger pacifier.

Big Ben XXL Mince & Double Cheese ? product render
Big Ben XXL Mince & Double Cheese ? product render

Big adventures, need bigger pies. So when your craving is max level reach for the XXL. It’s your bigger pie, with bigger flavour and available in a range sure to satisfy that earned feeling after a big day.