XXL Pies

Classic Big Ben® not big enough? Take yourself on a pie world tour with Big Ben® XXL, with pie-oneering flavours from all four corners.

XXL Chipotle Steak & Double Cheese

With smokey chipotle, chunks of 100% NZ steak and a double helping of cheese. This is the steak and cheese pie for the true flavour explorer.

XXL Bacon & Egg

Sometimes, a pie-oneer doesn’t have time to decide whether it’s lunch or breakfast. And that’s why you’re holding a pie-oneering XXL Bacon & Egg. Stacked with smoky bacon and scrambled eggs, this pie is always the right pie, no matter the meal.

XXL Creamy Butter Chicken

Take your taste buds to the next frontier with 100% NZ chicken breast and delicious Indian spice.

XXL Steak & Double Cheese

The Steak & Cheese may not be a pie-oneering idea, but it’s a good one. And we reckon, with our 100% NZ chunky steaked beef and double premium cheese, you could search high and low, and still not beat it.

XXL Mince & Double Cheese

Every pie-oneer deviates from the trail once in a while. And sometimes that means taking a classic mince pie, made with 100% NZ minced beef and adding premium cheese. So, here you go, pie-oneer.

XXL Steak, Cheese & Bacon

Everything’s better with bacon. Including pies. So if you enjoy 100% NZ chunky steaked beef, premium cheese, and mouth-watering smoked bacon.